Feniks Packaging Website is on-line with its new design providing user-friendly utilities for the visitors. The most important convenience offered in this design is that our products are grouped on a sectoral basis and our customers will not have any difficulty in reaching the products belonging to their own sector. Furthermore in this site we give more information about our products. Our visitors are able to download this information in the form of a pdf to their own computer, tablet or smart phone, and when not connected to the Internet, they may reach this information. The pdf files that can be downloaded include the product features and the technical drawings which you need to study. Presently our site is addressing producers of olive oil, vinegar, ready made food, wine / champagne and alcoholic beverages, but soon it will be enriched with the products for perfume and cosmetic producers. You can be sure that your request, wishes and complaints which will be sent to us via this site will be replied the shortest time.

Shortly we will present to you our "Feniks Technology" website which will contain all of our packaging machines and their side equipments. You will have the opportunity to examine the filling, closing, labelling, cartonning and palletizing machines belonging to the leading European producers by the same sectoral grouping.



At the 9. Olivtech Olive & Olive Oil Exhibition held on 9-12 May 2018 in Izmir Fair we presented the "Complete Solution" platform which we designed to meet all the packaging requirements of our customers. This platform includes the premium glass bottle manufacturer Vetreria Etrusca, the closure manufacturer Torrent Closures, the stopper producer Livingcap, the capsule manufacturer Linea Pack, the design agency We-On-The-Go and the bottle decorator Rapsodi come under the roof of Feniks where olive and olive oil producers can meet all packaging requirements from a single supply point. By means of this platform, which is the first time in our country to come to terms without hiding the identities of the producers who provide different inputs to a product, all of our potential customers will be able to have full service by contacting a single customer representative.



At Tehran Beauty & Clean Exhibition held in Tehran, the capital city of Iran on April 26-29, 2018 we exhibited our packaging materials for perfume, cosmetics and detergents. Our strategically- important neighbour Iran does not only show the needs for the packaging materials and technologies produced in Turkey, but also for the transit of the goods produced in the other parts of the world For this reason, we have presented a wide range of products, including European and Asian products, which we know very well as well as Turkish products that Feniks has been selling Iran since 2014 . Our main goal here was to bring our Iranian customers to the understanding of our "Complete Solution" strategy which was to bring together the suplementary packaging materials and services.